2016 Sound/voice module activated by pressing the button

Button push Musical Sound Voice Module , it’s ideal for custom voice gifts, musical invitations, musical toys, or for other musical/voice projects.
1.      Sound/voice module activated by pressing the button
2.      Unit has 6 individual buttons, one button for stop, and the other 5 buttons can let the speaker play different music/voice message. Each push          button are connected to the board by wires with length 10cm
3.      You can plug it into your PC’s USB port with the date cable and easily record your music or voice message up to 208 seconds(can even go longer about 418 seconds with music or voice file that recorded in studio)
4  . PCB dimensions: approximately 55 mm x 40 mm x 5 mm
5.   Weight: approximately 45g
6. Working voltage:3.7V ~ 4.5V, both button cell battery and battery AA are ok for working power. Once power off, replacing the battery and unit will continue to play recorded file. No re-recording required.